Design and Artwork


Our in-house design studio can help you develop artworks from your initial concepts, sketches. Experienced with all design styles allows us to produce every type of design imagery from highly decorative, Antique and Classical through to Modern and Contemporary geometric and abstract, with no limitation. We can also create scaled artworks to prove the design, dimensions, shapes and colors. In addition, we can make samples in a short lead time to prove design definition. 

standard pom box


Yarn dyeing is a key factor to produce beautiful carpets. With our in-house dyeing facility and laboratory, we can ensure that the quality and color accuracy of dyed yarns are matched with the standards and references so that all yarns prepared for tufting will have the right colors. We have a diverse variety of proven yarn types, Wool, Silk, Nylon, Viscose, Worsted, Felted, Frieze, etc.

multiple dye stuff colors


Selected from an extensive variety of rug qualities and textures in our library to choose from. Our flexibility in tufting techniques and experienced well trained operatives provide unlimited possibilities in creating new and exciting styles. There is no restriction to size or shape, our vertical tufting frames and massive finishing floors allow for every eventuality.

All of craftsman built products have consistent high quality construction, proven durability and super longevity.

handtufting process
Carving and Finishing

Carving is one of our key strength in carpet manufacturing. For years, we have helped our customers achieve several international awards by applying multi-level and geometry-shaped carving in their design. Quality control systems throughout the manufacturing process maintains beautiful created finishes that delivers gorgeous rugs and carpets to all our appreciative customers.

carpet shearing in finishing process
handtufting process


We can help prepare for Air and Sea freight shipping to any location. We appreciate every projects has a specific timeline. By working closely with established freight forwarders, we make sure your projects will arrive at your chosen destination on time. To protect your shipments from damages in transit, we can provide specialized packing to lessen the risk.

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